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Gilsonite Modified Asphalt For Warm Mix



We produced a special product with special properties from Gilsonite, this product for use, and we produced a special product with special properties from Gilsonite, for use and mixing it with bitumen in the asphalt factory directly, which will increase the quality of bitumen.gilsonite modified bitumen,the gilsonite performances of various kind and dosage are compared and analyzed with PG appraisal system through DSR,BBR and Brookfield revolving viscosity tests.DSR and BBR tests can offer gist for founding creeping curve and stiffness modulus in some time. In fact, by controlling the amount of gelatin in Gilsonite after extraction from the mine and the approval of the quality control officer, a special powder with special and controlled additives to improve the quality of bitumen and its polymerization finally becomes a very strong and durable asphalt with endurance The above is approved by all scientific institutes and asphalt approvals. In fact, it can be said that gilsonite increases the viscosity of asphalt. It is asphalted, so that in the end, a higher quality product in terms of adhesion and durability will be placed on the asphalt based on the passage of time and severe weather changes, and will prolong the life of the asphalt and the bird will be saved in it.