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Lump Gilsonite


our team specialized in extract gilsonite (natural bitumen) from personal mining in west Iran and transport to our facture for micronization process gilsonite, natural bitumen in all grade so well be process under our Technician for deferent part industrial. 


 Gilsonite (natural bitumen, asphalt bitumen) is our trademarked brand name for Pasargad Hakhamanesh Arshia,Co, a naturally occurring solid hydrocarbon used toGilsonite is naturally occurring, non-hazardous and non-toxic. It is a very pure resinous rock, formed of a complex combination of different kinds of hydrocarbons. This unique natural combination, rich in nitrogen and beta-carotenes and low in sulfur, is what makes Gilsonite so special. It’s only found in one place in the world—the Basin of Iran. And Our Group controls significant reserves.

Some companies claim to offer “Gilsonite” from other parts of the world, but these products are simply misidentified in order to take advantage of Gilsonite’s internationally recognized quality and proven performance. Because these other materials are not true unitaites, they have inferior performance due to their different physical and chemical properties. If it isn't Iranian, it isn't Gilsonite.


Extract Iranian Lump Gilsonite

Gilsonite is found in nearly straight, vertical veins across an area approximately 100 kilometers long and 50 kilometers wide. Gilsonite was formed by a unique geologic event millions of years ago that caused a proto-petroleum deposit forming at that time to fill large surface cracks, later solidifying into the pure resinous rock mined today. Gilsonite is hand-mined in underground shafts using pneumatic jack hammers. We separate Gilsonite by temperature grade, dry and screen it, size it to customer specifications, and submit it to extensive quality control procedures before shipping to over 40 countries worldwide.

Gilsonite usually occurs in somewhat narrow veins and up to the present time has usually been mined entirely by hand. We have discovered that by cutting channels or kerfs in the vein the material between the kurds and the side walls may be readily broken down, thereby facilitating the mining operation, and the present invention is particularly intended for this purpose. These veins are usually too irregular and too narrow to permit the use of the ordinary types of mining machines even if they were adapted for this purpose. On account of the nature of the mining the material is usually taken out on a slope, the excavating being done on the top surface of the vein. It may also be noted that electric apparatus is usually not adapted for use in these mines on account of the liability of explosions.

The Gilsonite of this method are to produce a new and improved type of mining machine; to provide a machine for use in mining gilsonite or other similar materials; to provide a new pneumatically operated milling machine having two or more cutters arranged side by side to make parallel cuts and form a relatively wide kerf; to provide a mining machine having two saws arranged on a common axis with means for driving the saws, means for cooling the saws, and means for removing the cuttings and excavated material.

This present method relates to the mining of gilsonite. and other substances which have the characteristic of flaking or breaking down without melting, when subjected to heat of a certain temperature, and it has for its object primarily to provide a method of mining such substances in a commercially practicable manner by the application of heat of appropriate temperature to the substance while in its natural state whereby the substance will be sacked or broken down while its original condition is preserved although the substance after the application of the heat thereto is divided or broken into small pieces or flakes and while in this form the substance may be removed from the mine with the greatest facility, the present method enabling substances of this class to be mined very cheaply owing to the fact that the present laborious mode of picking is dispensed with, and the commercial value of the substance when mined accordance with the present method is not impaired, the heat applied to it serving merely to free it from the natural mass whereby it may be readily removed from the mine