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CISAMER PBR 1220 is a cobalt catalyst-based polybutadiene rubber (PBR) by Reliance, containing non-staining stabilizer. Exhibits high cis content, high elasticity, longer product durability and dynamic stress resistance. Offers water insolubility, resilience and abrasion properties. CISAMER PBR 1220 is used in tyre treads, carcass & sidewalls, under-treads, conveyor belts, sportswear, golf balls, automotive components, shoe heels & soles, flexible rollers and mechanical goods.

Polybutadiene rubber is used with diluted acids, alcohol, and water and formed from the polymerization by using butadiene natrium in order words sodium. Since the wear resistance and elasticity are remarkably good, it can be used comfortably in many areas.

Polybutadiene rubber, which has high resistance to dynamic fatigue at low temperatures, has high flexibility in the same environment. When Polybutadiene rubber is seldom used alone, it is difficult to handle it.

For long-term applications, the operating temperature is between 60 ° C and 100 ° C, while for short-term applications the operating temperature is between 60 ° C and 120 ° C. The most important characteristics of polybutadiene rubber products are their high flexibility. It is highly preferred since it provides an ease of use.

They are able to maintain their flexibility properties, which are even higher than natural rubbers, in a wide temperature range. Polybutadiene rubbers with low tensile strength values can be used together with SBR, NR as the natural rubber and Strien butadiene rubber.