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Powder sulphur in medical

Sulfur has been used since ancient times to treat certain medical conditions. It is used for its cleansing properties in the treatment of infections. Other medical uses include the elimination of parasites like ticks and fleas, the treatment of certain skin problems such as scabies and dermatitis, and the treatment of bacterial infections. Sulfur drugs are available as lotions, ointments, creams and soap. Oral medications, called sulfonamides, are administered in tablet or syrup form.

Surprisingly, the same property that makes sulfur useful in gardening and pet care lends itself to the treatment of the medical condition scabies. Scabies is a human itch mite infestation of the skin. It is most often found in nursing homes and prisons.

Likewise, sulfur’s ability to clear away dry skin cells, which aids in acne prevention, also helps in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. Seborrheic dermatitis is a condition that leaves red, scaly patches on the skin. It can also cause severe dandruff. 

Of course, there are a variety of treatments available for both conditions. But ointments containing sublimed sulfur are often recommended to treat both scabies and seborrheic dermatitis. 

Sublimed sulfur has many fascinating uses. But to use it most effectively, you need the right purity and granulation.

The modern skin care industry has brought us solutions for a wide array of skin maladies. But some remedies have stood the test of time. Sulfur is one of the oldest acne treatments available. Since sulfur came into use for acne treatment in 1949, a number of studies have proven its effectiveness. Sublimed sulfur shows up in some of the products available at high-end retailers.

What makes sulfur an outstanding acne treatment is its ability to cut through the skin’s natural oils. It also helps to remove dead skin cells that can block pores and cause breakouts.

Acne is caused by Propionibacterium acnes, a bacteria which lives deep in the pores. When this bacteria grows out of control, our skin can begin to form acne. Sulfur has antimicrobial properties that help prevent skin bacteria from growing uncontrolled.